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The consequences of criminal charges can be tremendously impactful on your life. That’s why it’s critical that you take them seriously and work with a San Diego criminal defense lawyer, like one at The Law Firm. We work with our clients to find an approach that can achieve their objectives, whether that means pursuing a reasonable plea deal or letting the matter go to court.

What Does a San Diego Criminal Defense Lawyer Do?

As your criminal defense attorney, we are responsible for representing you and advocating for you throughout the legal process. To do this job properly, we need to perform several tasks to help our clients.

Pre-Trial Actions

First, we perform our own investigation of the circumstances surrounding your charges and arrest. We look for evidence that can be helpful in crafting a defense for the accusations that you face.

Considering the evidence of the investigation and an honest assessment of where your case stands, you may want to consider the option of a plea deal if the prosecution is interested. If that may be a viable option, we can use what leverage you may have to seek a plea deal that has a lesser impact on your life.

We also understand, though, that not everyone is going to be interested in a plea deal, nor will it be the right option for everyone. If that’s the case, we are always prepared for the possibility of going to trial.

Represent Our Client in Court

We can craft a defense based on both the evidence available and the kind of case we expect the prosecution to put forth. In criminal trials, the burden is on the prosecution to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. This means that our job is to try to leave the jury with at least a little bit of doubt as to whether you are guilty of the charged offense.

Should the jury not rule in our favor, we can continue to advocate for you through the sentencing process. This often involves presenting evidence and an argument for why the judge should lean toward lighter sentencing rather than the maximum penalties. From start to finish, our aim is to ensure that you have a strong advocate and a fair opportunity to avoid the harshest of outcomes.

Why You May Want to Consider a Plea Deal in Some Circumstances

Often, the judicial system can be crowded and burdened under the weight of the number of cases they face. One way that prosecutors can ease the pressure on the system is by offering the accused a plea deal. Typically, this will mean accepting guilt for a lesser charge than the one for which the defendant is accused.

While it may seem counterintuitive to admit guilt or even plead no contest, there are times when it may make sense. In particular, when the weight of the evidence against you makes the possibility of a conviction at trial highly likely, there can be advantages to accepting a plea deal for a lesser charge.

Lighter Sentencing

One of these is that it often comes with a much lighter sentence. For instance, there are some crimes that include jail time, and a plea deal may be able to avoid that jail time. Even if jail time is still included in the penalty, a plea deal may offer a much shorter sentence.

There are also some benefits to accepting a plea if you were ever charged with another offense. Having the lesser offense on your record can reduce the severity of the sentencing for another crime, especially if you were convicted of the greater offense following a trial.

Avoid Stigma

Additionally, there can be advantages in taking a plea deal to a different crime if you are charged with an offense that carries social stigma, such as domestic violence or sex crimes. If a jail sentence is unavoidable, not being sent there because of these crimes could help you avoid harsh treatment from inmates and guards, which can sometimes occur because of those offenses.

Whether a plea deal is worthwhile for you will be a personal assessment based on what’s being offered and your willingness to accept the risk of something worse by going to trial. Your lawyer, though, can help you process the full scope of the situation after they’ve negotiated for the strongest deal that they can get.

What Are Some Common Crimes?

Criminal charges address a variety of behaviors that are penalized by the justice system. Some of the more common forms of crime include:

  • Violent Crimes: When an offense involves the use of force or the threat of it against another person, such as during an assault, homicide, or robbery, it is a form of violent crime.
  • Sex Crimes: Unwanted or coerced sexual acts are usually included under sex crimes.
  • Drug Crimes: These crimes involve the manufacturing, distribution, trafficking, or possession of controlled substances.
  • Property Crimes: Crimes that involve intentionally taking or damaging another person’s property, such as theft, vandalism, or arson, are property crimes.
  • White-Collar Crimes: These crimes tend to be non-violent financial crimes, such as fraud, embezzlement, or insider trading.

What Are Some Common Criminal Penalties?

The penalties for criminal convictions are usually determined based on the sentencing guidelines included within the law. Some of the penalties that may be sentenced include:

  • Prison or jail time
  • Probation
  • Fines
  • Community service
  • Mandatory classes and/or treatment

Count on a Team Dedicated to Your Defense

When you find yourself faced with criminal charges, you want to know that your lawyer can consider every option to get the most favorable outcome for you that they can. Hiring a San Diego criminal defense lawyer, like one at The Law Firm, can be critical to ensuring that you are given a strong defense.

At The Law Firm, we believe that one of the most important things a lawyer can do is communicate well with their clients. We understand especially how important that can be in criminal defense situations. We make sure that our clients receive clear communication regarding where their case stands and the options that they have before them. If you’re looking for help with criminal defense, contact us today.